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How much does it cost to get an abortion? Abortion prices, fees in İstanbul Turkey
Half Day abortion in Turkey

Serving patients internationally since 1996. Safe, painless and compassionate abortion performed. Confidentiality maintained. Our clinic is registered and approved by Health Government of Turkey.
We always respect your privacy & comfort providing safe abortion services to the patients that is why our centre is one of the best abortion center in İstanbul..

Procedure is structured in a way that it is convenient for the patients both local & travelling from International destinations. You can book your appointment online or over the phone throught Whatsapp ( +90 532 2619315).
If you are travelling from some other country you can book your tickets and let us know. You need arrive in our clinic in İstanbul ,you should not eat/drink anything 5 hours before reaching the clinic. You need to bring your ID/Passport you will require to go through an ultrasound scan for knowing the size of pregnancy & position of pregnancy. You will have to sign the written consent before the procedure.
How long will the appointment take?
Generally the appointment process takes approximately 2-3 hours, with the actual abortion procedure taking approximately 5 minutes.
When you book your appointment, the intake counselors will advise you of the length of your visit to our clinic.

Why Choose İstanbul Abortion Clinic
We use special techniques and manual vacuum suction methods to end the pregnancy from the uterus. We use the latest techniques, so that you can be just ready within a short span of time. We analyze the stage of your pregnancy very well, and accordingly apply suggestive measures.
• Legal
• Safe
• Painless
• Cheap
• Female staff
• Comfortable
• Compassionate
• Day care procedure
• Guaranteedconfidentiality

Your Privacy, Security & Comfort Are Assured
We protect patient privacy while adhering to the guidelines set by the Turkish government. Your medical records are confidential. We do not provide any written or verbal information about our patients (regardless of one's age) to outside parties, family, medical professionals etc. without your written consent. We do not contact you via telephone or mail unless under emergency situations. We do not disclose our exact location over the Internet or via telephone unless one has a confirmed appointment.


“Our practice is built on single premise: the highest quality care.”  Op.Dr.Nevra / Gynecologist

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