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Abortion Procedure
Deciding to go through with an abortion and is one of the most difficult decisions for women of any age. We respect your decision and we are here to help you through the process. Our professional team is committed to providing high quality individualized care to women in a safe and relaxing atmosphere.

Before the abortion procedure it is important to know the duration of your pregnancy. The duration of your pregnancy will be confirmed at our clinic by an ultrasound and pelvic examination
The rate of complications is less that 2% and most complications are minor and easily treated.

Manual Aspiration Abortion procedure. Safe and easy abortion
An Aspiration abortion is one of the safest outpatient procedures. We use disposable equipment for our procedures; and emphasize cleanliness and sterility throughout the office. Our patient’s safety and care is our ultimate priority.
A Manual Aspiration Abortion is a safe, gentle and effective surgical procedure that is often considered to be the optimal way to end and early pregnancy of 4 – 10weeks.
The physicians at our clinic are specially trained in early abortion care and perform the procedure in a time span of 2-5 minutes. Aspiration abortion uses gentle suction to naturally remove the pregnancy tissue into a handheld device. One of the greatest aspects of a Manual Aspiration Abortion is that the recovery time is instantaneous. Women leave our office and able to return to their normal activities immediately.
Our doctor will carefully insert a speculum into the vaginal opening, typical of a regular pap-smear or gynaecological exam. Through the speculum a thin sterile cannula straw like will be inserted into the natural opening of the cervix. The straw like cannula is attached to the Manual Vacuum device which creates a gentle suction. Pregnancy tissue is gently removed into the device. Because the procedure takes place through a natural opening there is no incisions or “cutting” involved. Your doctor will complete the procedure in 2-5 minutes.
We use ultrasound to double check that the procedure was successful .
A Manual Aspiration Abortion can be performed as soon as we can oserve the pregnancy sac by vaginal sonogram which is as early as 4 weeks and up to 10 weeks from the last menstrual period ( LMP). An Aspiration abortion is typically 99-100% effective .

Cheap, safe, legal and best abortion clinic in istanbul
Our abortion clinic is dedicated to providing compassionate healthcare to women. We recognize that an unexpected pregnancy can be especially difficult for women, their partner, families and friends. We understand that an abortion is a highly personal matter and that it is a decision that only a women should make.

We Regulated and accredited .Our clinic offers comprehensive abortion care and advice. Our staff that is carefully chosen for their skill, training, experience, compassion and commitment to provide patients with safe and confidential abortion care. .

Here at stanbul GYN Clinic we understand your need for privacy and confidentiality. We are private beautifully decorated practice with an emphasis on individual care. We want to make a difference in the way women are treated for an abortion, and make your choice an opportunity for growth and knowledge.
We will give you the facts about abortion, help you decide which procedure is right for you , answer all of your questions about safety and side effects. Our dedicated staff is here for you. Have a question? We will answer your questions and concerns in confidence. Contact Us Today


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