Abortion / Pregnancy Termination FAQs

How late in a pregnancy can an abortion be done?
Manual vacuum abortions can be performed up to 10 weeks of pregnancy. In pregnancy termination Turkey is legal until 10 weeks of pregnancy
Are abortions safe?
Abortions are very safe. In fact, 1st abortions are very low-risk procedures and have one of the lowest surgical complication rates of all surgeries performed in Turkey.
Is it legal to have an abortionin Turkey?
Yes. Abortions are legal in Turkey until 10 weeks of Pregnancy. You can have an abortion at either a hospital or an abortion clinic.
Do I have to pay for the procedure myself or is it covered under my health plan?
Abortion services are not f covered under the Turkish Health Insurance Plan .Abortions pills are also illegal in Turkey and not covered.
If I have an abortion can I still have children later on?
Yes. People who have pregnancy termination are just as likely to have a healthy baby in the future as people who have not had an abortion. There is no research or statistical data to support the belief that having more than one abortion will damage or affect fertility.

Preventing Infection
Your cervix will remain slightly open for some time after your abortion so anything you put into your vagina may cause an infection. That’s why it’s important for you to follow these instructions for ONE WEEK:
• NO TAMPONS – Sanitary pads only
• NO TUB BATHS – Showers only
The usual signs of an infection may include fever, lower abdominal tenderness, and vaginal discharge. Please call us right away if you experience any of these symptoms.
Will anyone find out if I have an abortion?
Hospitals and abortion clinics are bound by the Turkish Privacy Act and all regulations governing patient confidentiality. Any appointments or procedures you inquire about, book, or carry out are completely private and confidential.
Is pregnancy termination painful?
The discomfort associated with pregnancy termination will be different for each person. Regular painkillers such as Tylenol can help reduce the strong or painful cramps. Abortions are performed under sedation anesthesia which keeps you from feeling the pain during the procedure, though you may feel some pressure or discomfort.
Do I need a doctor’s referral to book an appointment for pregnancy termination?
No, you do not need a doctor’s referral to make an appointment. You can make the appointment at convenience and at your request.
Is there a waiting period before I can have my procedure?
No, in Turkey abortion is available upon request. There are no regulatory waiting times in place to prevent or restrict access to abortion services.
Your Next Period
Unless you have started taking the Birth Control Pill, your first period will start anytime from 2 to 8 weeks after your abortion, however most women start their period within 4 to 6 weeks.
How long will the appointment take?
If you’re having a manul vacuum abortion, generally the appointment process takes approximately 2 hours, with the actual abortion procedure taking approximately 5 minutes.
Do many people have abortions?
Yes. An estimated 1 in 3 people who can conceive will choose to have an abortion at some point in her life.
Contraception After an Abortion
To prevent infection, do not to have sex for one week after your abortion. When you become sexually active again, it is very important to use contraception because it’s possible for you to get pregnant again as early as seven days after an abortion – even before you have your first period. We’ll help you choose the birth control method that best suits your lifestyle and answer any questions you may have.
How do people feel emotionally after an abortion, pregnancy termination?
In general, people choose abortion because being pregnant is not the right choice for them at that time. Most people feel relief after their abortion and are satisfied that they have made the right decision. Some people feel sad or emotional for a few days or weeks afterwards and may find a supportive friend or counselor very helpful at this time. Researchers have found that having an abortion does not make people feel negatively about themselves in the future.

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