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Virginity; The hymen is a thin, delicate membrane in the vagina that consists of elastic and fibrous tissue. On the whole, its physiological purpose remains to be one of the eternal mysteries of a woman’s body. But, its social function has been and is still considered a mythical symbol of virginity in many cultures.

The hymen; breaks during first intercourse or sexual assault. In other cases, it could also happen because of sports or tampon insertion. Surgeons construct or restore hymens mostly for cultural reasons. It is for women who wants to be a virgin again when they get married.

Hymenorrhaphy ;commonly asked questions on hymen repair surgery.

When should one schedule a hymenorrhaphy?

The timing of the anticipated coitus may play a role in selecting your schedule. If a patient desires structural integrity and needs the hymen to be intact on visual inspection, the repair must be done 3 months before. If the timing of coitus is known and the patient desires bleeding, but visual integrity is not necessary, the surgery can be done 3 weeks before the date.

How does a Hymen Repair/ Virginity Restoration procedure work?

The aim of this  hymenorraphy procedure is to make the patient appear virginal. This is a procedure requiring precise incisions in order to bring the hymeneal ring membranes into close approximation.
These are finely sutured to hold the tissue in place.
During subsequent sexual intercourse the hymen is torn which usually results in bleeding.

At which point can a hymenorrhaphy / hymen repair be done?

The hymen repair procedure can be done months or years after a woman loses her virginity.

What is the hymen repar, virginity surgery  procedure like?

The common techniques include the flap, permanent hymenoplasty ,surgical adhesion, luminal reduction, and suture-only technique. Generally, all these techniques will make it possible for hymenoplast surgery to be a day procedure. It can be under local anaesthesia with sedation anestehsia.

How long will the procedure take?

The process takes 20-30 minutes, and the patient can return to work the next day.

Can you regain your virginity after having sex?

Yes.. Restoration of Hymen (hymenoplasty) is a simple procedure that repairs any tears in the hymen membrane. The treatment can take between 30 minutes and one hour to complete. Patients will be provided with local anaesthesia or be placed under general anaesthesia. Hymenoplasty is generally performed as a day procedure.It takes around a day or two recovery time to get back to most work situations. The result of the treatment will affect activities such as sexual intercourse. During sex, bleeding may occur which is a result of the new hymen being torn or stretched.

What is the recovery like after hymenorrhaphy?

Recovery varies for each patient after virginity reconstruction. You can expect mild discomfort after the surgery, but it can be managed with an oral pain medication. After the procedure, you will be monitored for 1-2 hours in a recovery room. When you are conscious with no abnormal bleeding, you will be allowed to urinate by yourself. 

You may notice light reddish bleeding from the vagina for 1-2 weeks after hymenorrhaphy.

 A sanitary napkin must be used to track the bleeding.

Within the first two weeks after the hymenorrhaphy, tissues begin to produce. They will now form new blood capillaries.  This means that the surgical wound will start to heal.

Around 2-4 weeks after the hymen surgery, the surgical is expected to have healed considerably. Your surgeon will instruct on when you may start with your usual activities.

What is aftercare like for hymen repair surgery?

At home, you must take an antibiotic, an anti-inflammatory drug, and a laxative.

You are not allowed to shower 1-2 days after the procedure.

Once you can bathe, wound care consists of gentle irrigation.

Some doctors would allow you to clean the perineal area with soap when you shower. Avoid cleaning or putting anything inside the vagina.

It is also important to clean the perineal area every after urinating or every after fecal excretion.

Gently pat the area dry. This is to prevent moisture around the surgical wound for it to heal faster.

Will it be obvious that the area underwent an operation?

There will be no signs visible after surgery.

For the first few weeks after the procedure, the sutures would not have dissolved yet.

 But, once you have fully recovered, you will see an intact hymen without any visible sutures upon inspection. The area will look natural without any scar.

Can it be combined with other procedures?

Yes..Hymenorrhaphy / Virginty repair  can be combined with labiaplasty for vulva shaping, and a vaginoplasty when there is vaginal laxity.

What should you expect after Hymen Repair/ Virginity Restoration Surgery?

After your Hymen Repair  procedure you may feel drowsy from the anaesthetic. On this evening we recommend you rest. You are provided with an after hours direct number in the event you may have any questions or concerns you wish to speak to us about.

On the day of your procedure for Hymen Repair/ Virginity Restoration you can expect to experience some discomfort and in the first few days following surgery. Your  Hymenoplasty Surgeon will prescribe for pain relieving medication if it is required. The next day or within a few days you must come back to the İstanbul GYN Clinic for your first post-operative check.

You will be able to resume normal light activities by the next day, however, we recommend you take five to ten days off work and avoid sexual intercourse until 30 to 45 days after treatment.

Our  female gynaecologist surgeon will continue to monitor your recovery through a number of post-operative check-ups and are available at any time if you have questions or concerns.

How much does the hymen repair procedure cost?

Our philosophy is simple. We want you to be fully informed, and we want you to understand all your options and have one accurate price quoted once. Consultation fees may apply.

There is no need for you to obtain a referral from your own doctor to see one of our Surgeons. Generally we are able to book you in to see one of our Surgeons in 7 to 14 days

The cost, priece of a hymenorrhaphy at the İstanbul Gyn Clinic . This is an elective procedure; thus it is not covered by insurance.

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